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About Tatra Register UK

Turn your sound up, and we'll be off in David Saxl's racing T603 ...

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So, who are you? ...and what can we offer you?

In the media? ...need vehicles for use in TV, Film or advertising? Scroll down and take a look at what we own between us, and have a look at over fifty of our members' vehicles. Whether you know what you're looking for or need advice on historical context, we've got what you need if anyone has, and we can save you compromising with the wrong props. We also know which vehicles are going to be roadworthy and available when you need them, and which owners are prepared to help. Contact Info

Tatra Owner? Well, we're still the world's only single marque Tatra support group for English-speaking enthusiasts, with over a quarter of our members living outside the UK. Unlike followers of the mainstream marques, Tatra owners don't have access to salaried officers and formal services, and that's not what we aim or claim to provide. We're a 'mutual self-help' group, run by a tiny committee of active members who pay the same subscription as everyone else. We maintain close contact with other clubs and individuals around the world, and if we can't help with a particular query we invariably know someone who can. We don't hold a parts inventory, but we know where to find what you'll need. When it comes to membership benefits, you tend to get out what you put in ...come up with an imaginative initiative and you're quite likely to be asked to help make it happen! Contact Info

Enthusiastic non-owner? You're just as welcome, because we're not just an owners' club. Many of our members don't own vehicles, although a good many have taken the plunge since joining us. Our eclectic members' other interests include literature and models, and a tendency to enjoy other innovative automotive marques, modernist architecture and design, travel, and central & eastern European culture and history. Contact Info

Just discovered Tatra, and want to find out more? Have a look through this site's descriptions of almost half of our members' vehicles, and then read our T603 and T613 web pages for an overview of the most ubiquitous post-WW2 models. Try some of the sites on our Links page to broaden the picture. You may not have been aware that such extraordinary designs had ever seen the light of day, let alone been produced for over a century by the world's third oldest car manufacturer. If you want to know more, you really should join us!

Our inventory: Between us, by February 2005, we owned the 113 vehicles below, with 68 UK-based, and are often asked to provide cars by publishers and for filming. The list shows: model number, followed by total number based in UK and total number based elsewhere, followed by our owners' membership numbers - with UK-based vehicles' owners in bold
T11 (2) 82, 161
T12 (1 + 2) 28, 92, 93
T54/30 (1) 4
T57a (1) 93,
T57B cabrio (1+1) 23, 92
T57 sports roadster (1) 66
T87 (8 + 8) 1(x2), 19, 26, 43, 48, 61, 65, 92, 95(x2), 97, 99, 139, 142, 160
T97 (1) 92
T600 (3 + 7) 12, 48, 61, 63, 69, 79(x2), 92, 93, 113
T600/603 (1) 71
T603 (7 + 2) 20, 44, 48, 78, 79, 102, 121, 141, 162,
T2-603 (21 + 9) 1, 2, 7, 14, 16, 17, 21, 37, 40, 43, 53, 55, 68, 73, 76, 77(x2),80, 83, 87, 92, 99, 120, 121, 122, 135, 137, 148,150, 163
T613 (3 + 2) 12(x2), 16, 68, 92
T613-2 (2 + 3) 26, 81, 99, 125, 137
T613 Speciál (1) 121
T613-3 (7 + 2) 12(x2), 15, 21, 49, 63, 99, 138, 165
T613-4 Mi (2 + 1) 11, 93, 164
T613-4 Mi Long (1 + 2) 1, 137, 158
T613-5 rhd prototype (3) 43, 71, 104
T613RZP ambulance (1) 12
T700 (1) 93
T805 (1 + 1) 92, 130
T813 (1) 130
T815 (1) 92
OT64C (1) 100

Our activities: We endeavour to produce our magazine, Fanmail, three times a year, and it has matured into a lively and well-presented journal under the editorship of Octane contributor Delwyn Mallett. 2007 saw the introduction of an interim newsletter, Czechpoint, making a total of six mailings a year and offering more opportunity for members' advertising and events news. Non-commercial advertising is free to members, and the advertising of Tatra vehicles and parts is free to all. Our internet forum,, which has also been adopted by the Dutch Tatra World site, is a regular source of technical help for the wider Tatra community.

It is an indication of the friendly social side of our group that our Annual General Meetings, which for most clubs are something to be avoided at all costs, have often attracted over a third of our members. The meetings are held in Autumn or Winter, and combined either with a hotel-based activity weekend (road runs, car plant visits, etc.), a themed lunch or a one day visit. Recent AGMs have been preceded by enjoyable meals in Slovakian and Polish restaurants in the historic university city of Oxford, and the last two were held at the Army's REME museum, at Arborfield, and Farnborough Air Sciences Museum.

The highlight of our
events calendar is our UK rally weekend, but we assemble at many other events, some organised by other clubs and organisations with which we share synergy, and to which we are specially invited. We maintain close contact with other Tatra clubs, particularly those in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria, and with informal networks in France and the US.

Club History: Our club was formally launched at the July 1993 Uxbridge Auto Show, after an informal social gathering of Tatra enthusiasts at the Royal Automobile Club, in London's Pall Mall, had prompted compilation of a non-subscription contact list. The Tatras were well received by owners of other marques at that first regional event and, from an initial fourteen members, the club grew steadily to its present count of around a hundred. Despite being UK based, we have members all over the world - as far away as Australia and the USA and throughout Europe. We are more of an 'English speaking' club than UK-focused, and welcome owners and non-owning enthusiasts alike.

Our 'other' vehicles: Our members' ownership profile for cars of other makes in February 2005 was as follows:

5 owned pre-WW2 Austin/Morris/other makes....13 owned other eastern bloc cars....20 owned other air-cooled cars....20 owned other rear-engined cars....36 owned non-Tatra cars that don't fall into any of these categories.

62% of front-engined Tatra owners had pre-WW2 Austin/Morris/other makes....31% of T87/97/600 owners, 30% of T603 owners and 32% of T613 owners had other air-cooled or rear-engined cars.

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